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At Earlybird we work extremely hard to produce fun filled, informative and useful newsletters to help keep all of our supporters informed of the great things that happen within the EBLS family. We have some amazing customers who love to contribute to our content, not to mention our incredible staff who work endlessly to provide the highest quality of service within Lincolnshire.

Living through lockdown has been difficult for many of us for a variety of reasons, and one thing we have noticed is that we are not able to put on exciting and engaging events for people to attend and connect with. We have adapted to virtual communication and have made necessary amendments within our approach to ensure we maintain our standards as an award winning company.

WE NEED YOU! We are reaching out to all people, younger and older, creative and academic, social and private, to ask for any contributions that you would like to make to our newsletter. This could be posters, recipes, gardening tips, information on local events, you name it, we're interested!

We are open to receiving contact from:

* Customers

*Staff members

*People in the community

*Schools and Colleges

*Business services who want to advertise services that are mindful of vulnerable people

*Local initiatives

*Health and social care services

*Education services

If you would like to be involved in our newsletter or work with us on any projects please email: for an informal chat.

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