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As a testament to our commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals in our community, EarlyBird Lifestyle Support is proud to announce the expansion of its services through the establishment of a groundbreaking initiative. Building on the success of our existing endeavours, we are introducing a new, person-centred, inclusive activity, and social day-care centre. This expansion marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of EarlyBird Lifestyle Support, as we strive to continue developing and providing high-quality, high-standard services tailored to the unique needs of our community in this new age.

Revive Activity & Day Services is a premier facility dedicated to providing exceptional care and support for older individuals and those with mental health disabilities. Our centre is designed to be a haven for personal growth, social engagement, and overall well-being. At Revive Activity & Day Services we prioritise promoting independence, ensuring excellence in our services, and maintaining a team of highly trained staff members.

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Promoting Independence:

At the core of our philosophy is the belief that every individual deserves the opportunity to lead a fulfilling and independent life. Our programs are tailored to empower our participants, encouraging them to actively engage in a variety of activities that enhance physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. We foster a supportive environment that allows individuals to make choices, set goals, and pursue personal interests, promoting a sense of autonomy and self-determination.

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Striving for Excellence:

We are committed to setting and achieving the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of our operations. Our programs are meticulously designed to provide a diverse range of stimulating and enjoyable activities, ensuring a holistic approach to wellness. From carefully curated recreational activities to specialized cognitive exercises, we strive to exceed expectations and continuously improve our services. Our dedication to excellence extends to the quality of care, facilities, and the overall experience we provide to our participants.

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High-Quality Trained Staff:

The heart of Revive Activity & Day Services lies in our team of dedicated and compassionate professionals. Our staff undergo rigorous training in gerontology, mental health support, and activity planning, equipping them with the skills needed to cater to the unique needs of our participants. We prioritize a person-centred approach, emphasizing empathy, respect, and individualized care. This commitment to hiring and retaining highly qualified staff ensures that each participant receives the attention and support necessary for their well-being.


What We Offer:

Our day services offer the following services:

  • Socialisation and companionship

  • recreational activities 

  • educational programs

  • health and wellness services 

  • Nutritional support 

  • care and support 

  • cultural and community engagement 

  • Toilet facilities 

and much more!

Our daily schedules are co-designed with the people who use the service and plans are made in advance to ensure an organised and well thought out approach to services.

During the day, our guests are provided with the following, 

  • Cup of tea on morning arrival with or without a biscuit.

  • Hot and cold drinks all day at request or as part of a dietary plan.

  • 3 Course meal at lunchtime considering all dietary and allergy requirements

  • Afternoon cup of tea 

  • Medication support as and when required 

  • Access to a tuck shop service 

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Our Objectives 

  • To continue to provide a warm, comfortable, safe and engaging day-centre environment for our customers in our day-care centre.

  • To incorporate customers involvement and social needs with the day-care and its activities with minimal anxieties.

  • To provided activities that create both learning opportunities for customers to enjoy but also stimulate, educate and motivate customers and help to promote independence.

  • To provide skilled support in a respectful atmosphere and promote motivation and stimulation.

  • To provide adequate training, mentoring and recompense to our support staff to create job satisfaction.

  • To provide opportunity for employment.

  • To provide local services for the community.


Who is our service for?

Our services are designed for people 65 years old and over. We support people who are experiencing a number of different health and social needs however, there are some criteria we are unable to support with so please do get in touch to discuss this. 

As an outline, the day services can support:

  • Full independence 

  • Wheelchair users who can weight bare 

  • Frame users 

  • Self-Toileting 

  • Assisted toileting with urine incontinence 

  • Catheter users 

  • Mental health / Non-violent/ behavioural mental health conditions 

  • Early-stage dementia and Alzheimer’s 

  • Non-medication users 

  • Medication users who self-store and self-administer medication 

  • Independently eating 

  • Needs for prompt 

  • Needs for cutting up food

  • Fluid drinking encouragement. 

Contact us for more information 

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