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Mental Health Matters

Our psychological, emotional, and social well-being are all parts of our mental health. In other words, it affects how we feel, think, and act every day. Our ability to make decisions, handle stress, and interact with others in our lives are all influenced by our mental health.

EarlyBird Lifestyle Support (EBLS) are established as a known provider to the NHS for supporting people with a range of complex mental health conditions. We provide a tailored support plan to help you live the best quality of life whilst developing and maintaining effective skills and coping strategies for your situation.

EBLS offer a wide range of support that can easily fit into each aspect of your life. We deliver this by really building positive and trusting relationships with you and spending real quality time accessing all of the goals you want to achieve. With this approach, we have supported so many people to regain independence and learn a variety of things such as cooking, and art, attending community groups, learning about conditions and triggers with coping strategies and support with building confidence to travel independently and access local amenities.

If you think we sound right for you, then please do get in contact with us or your social worker/representative to see how we can help. 

We accept funded care needs as well as private referrals.

Check out our contacts page to get in touch or call us today!

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